Saturday, August 15, 2015

Acapulco Nights 8/14/15, Studebaker Hawk

For hour 1 Studebaker Hawk mixes a bunch of funky stuff. Some rock, latin, and afro influenced. During hour 2, Studebaker pulls out the Asian garage rock and pop LPs he's picked up traveling around Asia. Some really wild stuff. Unfortunately, since it's in languages we don't understand, we can't write out the track list, and you'll have to research them yourself.

Playlist for hour 1

Waltz - Controller
Mike Simonetti - Spongeworthy
Simon Lee & Raj Gupta - Azteca
Captain Planet - Dame Agua
Willie Colón & Hector Lavoe - La Banda (Whiskey Barons edit)
Pernett - La Rumba Bacana (Nickodemus remix)
Willie Colón - Set Fire To Me
Gary Toms Empire - Sexy Lady (instrumental)
Esa - A Muto

Hour 2 is all in different Asian languages, so we can't figure out the titles to post here

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