Sunday, September 6, 2015

Acapulco Nights 9/4/15, Alliance Upholstery 002 Release: Sasac - Talking God. Interviews with Len Bias and Alex Israel

Very excited to celebrate the release of the second 12" single on Alliance Upholstery, Sasac - Talking God! In the first hour Studebaker Hawk interviews, label owner, Len Bias. During hour 2, he interviews producer about his remix on the record. Big thanks to both of them for being on the show and making fantastic music happen!

The record is available direct from the label through Studebaker Hawk's Discogs and also available in the US through Pacific Beach Vinyl, Crosstalk, and Downtown 304. It's available in the UK through Juno, Holland through Rush Hour, and Japan through Jet Set. If it's not at your local record store, ask them to order from their local distributor.

Check out more from Alex Israel at and his Soundcloud

Playlist for hour 1

Sasac - Talking God
Greeen Linez - Hibiscus Pacific (Jacques Renault remix)
Greeen Linez - Hibiscus Pacific (Sorcerer "Whisper" remix)
Sasac - Talking God (Eddie C remix)
Winans - Let My People Go
Mildred Scott - Prisoner Of Love
Greeen Linez - Hibiscus Pacific
Tabo - 4am (Swifft Edit)

Playlist for hour 2

Alex Israel - Cash Neutral
Sasac - Talking God (Alex Israel "Took Too Long" remix)
Alex Israel - Angulas
Alex Israel - Bubble Wrap
Alex Israel - Bindlestiff
CL Dawkins with Lavell Williams - Affirmation of Love
Toshiki Kadomatsu - Step Into The Light
Loud-e - Robolove
Greeen Linez - Hibiscus Pacific (Moon B remix)
Sasac - Talking God (Benedek remix)

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