Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Acapulco Nights 12/30/15, Guest John Clements/Plastic Fantastic

The Plastic Fantastic man himself, Mr. John Clements out of Oslo, Norway, drops a new mix on Acapulco Nights.


Fine - A Day In The Sun
Plastic Fantastic - Beyond The Horizon
Leon Lowman - Bumpin’ On Sunset
Land Of Light - Flares
Cos / Mes - Slow Jam #2
Appo - Why Can’t We Live Together (Appo’s Balearic edit)
Colin Willsher - Beneath The Waves
No Logo - Vibrafone
D*Note - Love Is Wise
Al-Pha X - Finally Free (Pathaan Space mix)
Jonny Nash - Phantom Actors
Salt Tank - Sargasso Sea
Franck Orff - Beautiful Thoughts (The Call ep)

Check out the jams from their new EP.

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