Monday, August 12, 2013

Acapulco Nights 6/29/13 with Thorian Maxwell and Studebaker Hawk

Disco-tinged summer hottness from Thorian Maxwell and a super funky and jazzy excursion from Studebaker Hawk. Enjoy!

Playlist for hour 1

Ilija Rudman – Victory 2010
Imagination – Music and Lights
Larry Tiger - Eagle
Ilija Rudman – Inspector’s Drive
Jose Manuel – Nova (Max Essa Edit)
Peter Visti – Tahiti On My Mind
Marbeya Sound – Non Reciprocal (The Beatfanatic Remix)
Ilya Santana – Lioness Dream
Roberto Rodriguez - Venus
The Beat Broker – Up in the Air

Playlist for hour 2

Claude Larson - Mosquito
Brownout - Flaximus
Billy Bang - At Play In The Fields Of The Lord
Randy Weston - African Sunrise
Catalyst - Ile Ife
Dr. John - Creole Moon
Quiet Village - Too High To Move
JJ Cale - Cajun Moon
Steely Dan - Night By Night
Michael William Gilbert - Nick's Sleeping Dream (Interlude)

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