Sunday, September 14, 2014

Acapulco Nights 9/12/14, Studebaker Hawk

For hour one Studebaker Hawk drops boogie and disco jams. Then hour two, he goes house.

Playlist for hour 1

Carrie Mims & Herb Lee River Junction - Get Up And Dance (There Ain't No Party Poopers Here)
Electra (featuring Tara Butler) - Feels Good
Bob Etsy & Cheeks - Elektronix (Roller Dancing)
Bob Etsy - Cunga
Tom Coster - Zulu Queen
Kazumi Watanabe - Fu-Ren
Elli Medeiros - Toi Mon Toit
Jason Lee - Take Me
Harry Thumann - Get A Little Help
Mimi Ivanova & Start - Disco Rocket

Playlist for hour 2

The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Melodious Wayfarer (Soul Montuno)
Urusei Yatsura - M 24
The Black Madonna - A Jealous Heart Never Rests
Jeanette Thomas - Dub Your Body (Rude Boy remix)
Tracy Ackermann - Take My Body (And I Will Take Your Love) (Nigel Stock's caramba mix)
Madonna - Into The Groove (Shep Pettibone remix)
Denise Motto - Tell Jack
Azealia Banks - Fierce
Soichi Terada & Shinichiro Yokota (featuring Naoko Shimada) - Sun Shower
Jaz - Took You
Joanne Wilson - Got To Have You (Whiskey Barons rework)

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