Monday, January 19, 2015

Acapulco Nights 1/16/15, Tribute to Supermax

This week we wish, what would have been a 66th birthday to the late Kurt Hauenstein, best know for his band Supermax. The Austrian/German musician passed away 4 years ago. Studebaker Hawk plays his favorites from the Supermax's first 5 records.

Supermax - African Blood
Supermax - Watch Out South Africa, Here We Come
Supermax - Madness
Supermax - It Ain't Easy
Supermax - Supermax
Supermax - Musicexpress
Supermax - Hollywood
Supermax - Be What You Are
Supermax - Gotta Be Something New
Supermax - Reggae Fever
Supermax - Push Push (Sexy Chocolate Girl)
Supermax - Hotline

Playlist for hour 2

Supermax - Superdub
Supermax - Don`t Stop The Music
Supermax - In The Middle Of The Night
Supermax - Ganja Generation
Supermax - As Long As There Is You
Supermax - Love Machine
Supermax - Bodyman [1988 maxi version]
Supermax - Raindance
Supermax - World Of Today
Supermax - Fly With Me
Supermax - Dance Dance Dance
Supermax - It's A Long Way To Reach Heaven

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